Post-Sadler sleeves and etc.

Hershel Gober, the poor man's Barry Sadler:

Gen. William Westmoreland, Pres. LBJ, Gober (detail from LP back cover):

LP liner notes:

Gober receives a promotion both in record label and military rank:


After retiring from the Army, Gober returned home to Arkansas for a hitch in the private sector. He later returned to military work, but this time in civilian clothes, as a bureaucrat with the U.S. Veteran's Administration. Following a stormy nomination process, Gober became U.S. Secretary of Veteran Affairs in the waning days of Pres. Bill Clinton's administration. He and his wife now run a powerful D.C. lobbying firm. He still sings, as well, as evidenced in this photo from a Flag Day 2004 concert at a U.S. Congressional office building:

"Paul Lavalle accepts citation from Major Daniel Baldwin of the U.S. Army Special Forces for being the first non-military band to perform 'The Green Beret' march (June 14, 1965)" (detail from LP back cover):